Recognizing that identity is not something fixed and easily definable, my work portrays consciousness through a variety of materials, including handmade and found objects. My body of work (drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and installation) constitutes an examination of my relationships, both external and internal. My fascination with perception and memory has attracted me to compositions that employ gravity and translucency.

Collaboration has become a feature of my latest endeavors. These projects provide a community in which, ideally, individuals present their best selves, linking to others with desires congruent with their own. The emphasis is in allowing artists to remain independently true to their own creative pursuits (the internal, isolated meditation and questioning conversations) while interfacing with an artistic community.

The goal in both my individual and collaborative pieces is to connect idiosyncratic occurrences to produce art with a strong formal presence that activates a psychological response. Using repeated leitmotifs in serial progression combined with a linear rhythm, the work embodies an unrestrained impulse to resolve the dissonance of everyday life.

Antoinette Adams